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Shears Hair & Beauty Retreat

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Kebelo has pioneered the next generation of smoothing system. It uses a unique three-step process to restore your hair to its optimum, conditioned look and feel, and keep it that way for up to 100 days afterwards.

With Kebelo System®'s revolutionary smoothing system you will get amazingly frizz-free, glossy, easy to manage hair. What's more with the new ADVANTAGE treatment, it only takes 1 hour to achieve and lasts for 100 days, and you can get a colour straight after. Once again, Kebelo is leading the way in hair smoothing.


The Kebelo System® experience. Its simple. It is 100 days of …

  1. Hair that is free from frizz
  2. Hair that is easily managed
  3. Hair that will give you styling versatility
  4. Hair that is smooth and shiny

LUXURY MAINTENANCE INCLUDED - As part of your treatment you also receive a shampoo, conditioner and weekly masque from one of the Kebelo ranges.  Formulated using quality ingredients these will maintain  the results of your treatment.


Pictured below is one of our regualar customers, who decided to try a Kebelo Smoothing System for the first time. They were delighted with the results......

     In Salon - Before                                                      After



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Indulge your hair with Kebelo Silk; a unique blend of hydrolyzed keratin, organic quinoa protein, argan and jojoba oils that deeply penetrate to repair, protect and improve the hair’s condition, shine and finish.

Colour lock and heat protection technology combined with the advanced cationic conditioners protects the hair from the elements and heat damage. This unique blend of oils and proteins eliminate frizz & flyaway. The result is smooth, shiny, easy to manage hair.

Key benefits

  • Repairs & revitalises
  • Adds strength & shine
  • Eliminates frizz & flyaway
  • Reduces styling time & detangles
  • Smooths & protects including split ends