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Shears Hair & Beauty Retreat

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Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. Transform brassy into beautiful in 5 minutes or less. The results speak for themselves!

This brilliant violet shampoo has taken the hairdressing community by storm, producing stunning, long-lasting results in minutes - everyone's raving about it!

Fanola No Yellow is ideal for grey, super-lightened or decoloured hair. The violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow, light blonde or streaked hair, leaving the hair with a smooth, shiny finish.

Finally get rid of the those copper/red tones that begin to appear as dark coloured hair fades. Use both Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Mask for stunning long-lasting results in a matter of minutes!

This fantastic combination has taken the hairdressing community by storm with its simple to achieve, incredible results.

Suitable for brassy and/or coloured hair with dark shades. Gently cleanses and neutralises undesired copper/red reflections, leaving hair shiny and hydrated.


Biolage R.A.W. Replenish Oil-Mist 125ml is a custom oil blend for all hair types and textures to achieve softer, smoother, shinier hair. A little oil goes a long way. 

- 100% natural-origin
- 99% biodegradable
- no silicones
- no parabens
- no artificial colorants
- pure olive oil
- pure sunflower oil
- pure borage oil
- rockrose essential oil
- lemon balm essential oil
- fennel essential oil